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Mosaic is the leading sample management software solution for life science laboratories. Trusted by a worldwide customer base from small biotech to global pharma, Mosaic tracks and manages every step of the sample lifecycle.



Pharma and Biopharma

Mastering sample management in Pharma and Biopharma


Mastering sample management in Pharma and Biopharma


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Diverse sample management in Research Hospitals

Assay Sample Management

Providing data sets required for screening as rapidly & reliably as possible

LabTube Meets Clive Green, AstraZeneca

"There are 2 key features that stand out to us"

"One is the simplicity of ordering, so our scientist or our people who work in sample management can place orders for compounds very straightforwardly. The 2nd is the robotic integration, so the execution of that order happens completely in the background, our people do not have to interact with many different types of automation in order to create the final compound plate." Clive Green

"Mosaic is the number one asset of the value proposition when we discuss compound management with clients"

"For a client, if he says two years later ‘there is something wrong with this plate’ – we are able to come back to that run and know exactly if the run was interrupted. That audit trail for us is very, very essential. Even if it is not routinely used, the client knows he can refer to it. It’s very positive for him." Dr Sylviane Boucharens, Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer

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Titian actively partner and integrate with most major laboratory equipment and software providers to improve scientist’s sample management operator requirements.

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We help lab managers move away from spreadsheets to the safety and security of systems built with 20 years of hands on industry knowledge.


1,000,000,000+ samples being managed by Titian Mosaic Software

Titian Mosaic software helps to track, store and manage any sample type, including small molecules, reagents, DNA, proteins, antibodies, cell lines, blood, serum and tissues.