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“It’s clear for me, Mosaic is the number one asset of the value proposition when we discuss compound management with clients.

For a client, if he says two years later ‘there is something wrong with this plate’ – we are able to come back to that run and know exactly if the run was interrupted.

That audit trail for us is very, very essential. Even if it is not routinely used, the client knows he can refer to it. It’s very positive for him."

Dr Sylviane Boucharens, Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer, BioAscent

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Newcastle University

Human sample management & clinical sample tracking

"Because of the Human Tissue Act, we need to be able to do audits. So we need to be able to say how many of each type of sample we actually have stored. And where the specific locations of those are. So the system is very good because we can actually pull out that information and we know exactly where each single sample is from each single individual. And we know how many types of different sample we've got.

"We do record consent, whether we've got consent for future use of these samples, on the system. So it's all very, very useful and really needed for research."

Dr. Amy Anderson

Blueprint Medicines

"The roll out of Mosaic here has been fantastic. Just finished up plating all of our compounds and would not have been able to do it as fast, if we didn’t have Mosaic. It has made my processing much more efficient."

Bob Smith

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"We have worked with Mosaic for the last 5 or 6 years, there are 2 features that stand out to us. One is the simplicity of ordering, so our scientist or our people who work in sample management can place orders for compounds very straightforwardly. The 2nd is the robotic integration, so the execution of that order happens completely in the background, our people do not have to interact with many different types of automation in order to create the final compound plate."

Clive Green

Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals

"Boehringer Ingelheim has used Mosaic application for sample management in R&D for many years. However, last year, the long-time system leader passed away suddenly without the possibility of technical transferring. This created tremendous challenges to the IT team. When Titian learned this, they offered prompt assistance for training IT team members and supporting end users directly. This not only ensured the stability of our production system but also significantly accelerated the skill/knowledge transition. Titian’s generous support was a key factor for Boehringer Ingelheim to continue using the application without single interruption. We truly appreciate Titian’s help!"

Benjamin Li

Boehringer Ingelheim bw

Charles River Laboratories

"Titian Mosaic manages our high throughput screening library which is run at 860,000 compounds and we use it to interface with a range of instrumentation from the Labcyte Echo platform, we have some mosquito instruments and also some BioCels, Platemates and CyBios. A whole range of liquid handling platforms completely for managing our high throughput screening deck.

“We have a number of other data management tools within the organisation, there’s the chemical registration system which Titian Mosaic directly interfaces with. From a screening data perspective we use ActivityBase from IDBS and Genedata Screener software and we have interfaces that link all those packages together to track the samples.”

David Cronk

David Cronk SLAS Interview

Relay Therapeutics

"Titian Mosaic has been extremely successful, within 6 months of starting the company we were screening and using Titian Mosaic to get off the ground.

"We interact with the Titian implementation team very tightly, they put everything on the table for us, we meet with them weekly. It has been great working with them. Anything we find that is a problem, they get right on it and we work out a solution very quickly."

Ted Peters

Ted Peters SLAS interview-1

Sygnature Discovery

Denise Swift, Senior Scientist at Sygnature Discovery, talks at SLAS 2020 about how they got their HTS service up and running using Titian's Mosaic software.


Michael Jobling talks to LabTube at SLAS 20 about how and why Evotec use Titian's Mosaic software to help them provide trusted core sample management services for customers


Regor Therapeutics

“Things are going well - we have not run into any issues from end user point of view. The system was working as expected. Users are well trained by Titian, It’s impressive.

We really appreciate the excellent job Titian team have done. We look forward to working well with Titian in years to come”

Frank Qian

Regor Therapeutics bw