Supporting Agroscience Research

Mosaic for Agroscience

Agroscience research – including the search for new herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides – can generate large and diverse collections of compounds and biologicals, from synthesised compounds to DNA fragments.

Screening of these new entities generally takes the form of in vitro or field trials, and this requires that samples are accurately prepared for testing. Many Agroscience companies also have collections of plant tissue, entomology samples and seed banks. Recording the characteristics, features and usage of these samples is an essential requirement of a sample management set-up.

Mosaic software is a modular platform that improves the efficiency, throughput and integrity of sample management.

Mosaic can support Agroscience labs with the following functionality:

Mosaic Manual Stores, Automated Stores and PDA-based Stores Picking and Placing software modules, are suited to working with diverse container types, including vials and microtubes
Mosaic’s online Liquid Handling modules optimises the preparation of solution-based samples. Neat sample handling is also fully supported with Mosaic Weighing and Receipt
A core Workflow Manager program manages all sample preparation steps for agrochemical screens
For manually-accessed tubes in freezers, Mosaic offers modules for Tube Position Verification and bench-top tube picking devices
An Extended Shipping module is available for customers looking to track and distribute samples to multiple sites
A full audit trail is maintained, recording all sample use and preparation steps, ideal for regulated situations
Support for a diverse range of samples, from all stages of research. Mosaic’s Inventory is well suited to the archiving, picking and recording of samples and their respective meta-data for small molecule, tissue, entomology and seed-bank collections.

Flexible Scalability

Mosaic is highly configurable and flexible. Titian works with each of its customers to configure a Mosaic system that supports its sample management workflows and business operational rules.

If you have specific site or application requirements please contact us and our team of Application Consultants will be able to advise on the best setup for you.

Integrate with your Laboratory

Mosaic allows you to get the most efficient use from your capital equipment with the monitoring and management integrations of liquid handlers, automated stores and manual equipment including weigh stations and hand pipettes.

Check which instruments we can integrate with Mosaic here.