Contract Research Organisations (CROs)

Mosaic supports the compound management and screening services which CROs provide to their customers

Mosaic for CROs

Contract Research Organisations (CROs) worldwide use Mosaic sample management software to provide outsourced sample management and screening to their customers.

As CROs are often managing valuable samples, Mosaic ensures that the samples are only used for their intended purpose. Accurate record-keeping of sample use and distribution is essential.

Mosaic allows the requesting of samples for each of the customer’s clients, and can assist in the adherence to their commercial contracts where sample use may be subject to restrictions and exclusivity agreements.

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Mosaic’s reliability supports the critical business operations:

Sample tracking and access control – both of these need to be securely managed to maintain confidentiality and traceability across different CRO customers.
Communication – this ensures work is transparent and progress is automatically reported, but only to the right teams.
Efficiency – Optimised automated and manual workflows, pre-validated processes and guidance of  the operators across multiple workstations are essential as it allows customers’ requests to meet agreed SLA’s.
Robustness, error management and recovery – at a CRO, everything is about reliability and minimising errors in order to provide a good service for clients
Compliance – Automatically track every sample preparation step via a 21 CFR Part 11 compliant audit; including who, what and when
Flexibility – many CROs need to manage a wide breadth of processes and sample types to accommodate a client’s needs.

Partner Portal

In order to allow biopharmas and other CRO customers to access the CRO's version of Mosaic, we have the 'Partner Portal'.

Customers can connect to the Partner Portal through any web browser and can access pages allowed by the CRO including: Requesting, Inventory Viewing and Canned Queries.


Our case study shows a 'Mosaic-to-Mosaic Connector' which provides seamless ordering of neats when both the customer and CRO are already using Mosaic software. It allows the customer to create and submit orders on their own system, but for the CRO to be able to fulfil the orders. 

Read the Connector case study 
How the partner portal works

Case Study: Sygnature Discovery: the creation of a high throughput screening (HTS) facility

Sygnature Discovery, a contract research organisation (CRO) based in Nottingham and Alderley Park, UK, has utilised Titian’s Mosaic sample management in the creation of a high throughput screening (HTS) facility.

Find about the role Titian’s Mosaic software played including the benefits and the integrations with multiple vendors on the project.  

Download the Case Study

Case Study: Sygnature Discovery

Case Study: Evotec

Case Study: Charles River Laboratories

David Cronk SLAS Interview-1-1

Case Study: Bold Growth at BioAscent

BioAscent has seen huge changes to its business since the Contract Research Organisation (CRO) was founded in 2013.

Since its foundation, BioAscent has used Titian Software’s Mosaic sample management to underpin its services by managing its inventory, sample processing and audit trail.

Learn about BioAscent's growth journey and Titian's involvement in day-to-day work at the CRO!

Download the Case Study



Case Study - Bold Growth at BioAscent


Case Study: Agios Pharmaceuticals: Biotech compound management in an age of change

Agios Pharmaceuticals – like many Biotech companies – uses a global network of contract research organisations (CROs) to run primary assays and hold much of its inventory. The challenge for Agios is to know what is happening to their samples across each research site.  

Add in the challenges of working in a global pandemic with disrupted supply chains, and coordinating compound management just got several levels harder. How do biotechs like Agios stay up to date with distributed inventory management and screening across many different partners? 

When implementing Mosaic sample management software, Agios wished to include secure access for its CRO partners who hold much of its physical inventory, with the aim of capturing exactly what Agios samples they were working with at all times.  

Read the case study to find how they did it

Case Study: Agios Pharmaceuticals: Biotech compound management in an age of change


Partner: Evotec

Evotec high res logo (blue and grey)

Evotec is a drug discovery alliance and development partnership company focused on rapidly progressing innovative product approaches with leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, academics, patient advocacy groups and venture capitalists.


Partner: Sygnature Discovery


Sygnature Discovery is a leading independent provider of integrated drug discovery and pre-clinical resource and expertise offering fully integrated discovery project support, as well as discipline specific support in medicinal chemistry, computational sciences, bioscience or DMPK as needed by their clients. Sygnature undertake target validation, hit identification, hit-to-lead and lead optimisation projects as well as complete drug discovery programs.


Partner: BioAscent


BioAscent's drug discovery services include de novo assay development, target analysis and bespoke screening strategies, compound screening, medicinal and synthetic chemistry, computational chemistry and compound management, all with access to a library of 125K lead-like compounds via Compound Cloud.

“It’s clear for me, Mosaic is the number one asset of the value proposition when we discuss compound management with clients. For a client, if he says two years later ‘there is something wrong with this plate’ – we are able to come back to that run and know exactly if the run was interrupted. That audit trail for us is very, very essential. Even if it is not routinely used, the client knows he can refer to it.
It’s very positive for him."
Dr Sylviane Boucharens, Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer, BioAscent



Mosaic at BioAscent