Cell Line Management

Mosaic addresses the specific needs of managing, tracking and requesting of cell lines

Mosaic software for cell line management and cell line tracking

Cell lines are fundamental tools in life science research. To ensure reproducibility of results, laboratories need to keep accurate records of cell lines throughout their life cycle including storage, maintenance and final use or disposal.

Mosaic is designed to accurately track a variety of sample types through lab workflows, monitor stock levels and record labware locations and movements. It boasts many features that are ideally suited to cell line management.

Cell Line Management

Mosaic supports cell line management through:

Sample lineage records - this makes it easy to trace the ancestor samples of any cell line as cells are passaged and new banks created
Audit trail - a full trail of actions helps to ensure consistency and accountability
Data consistency - controlled vocabularies and validated data entry make it easier to manage, find and share materials
Information capture - file attachments and hyperlinks allow certificates of analysis, datasheets and morphology images to be added to cell line records
Management of any container type used for cell lines - including flasks, cryovials and multiwell plates ensures an accurately described inventory
Sample requesting - manage and track cell line samples from request to delivery
Comprehensive storage management including tools to:
- accurately model the entire hierarchy of sample storage including LN2 tanks and ULT storage
- identify free space suitable for cell line storage
- provide reports and visualisation on freezer usage
- store and retrieve samples in bulk
Access control:
- control which cell lines may be requested, and which are reserved as master stocks
- control access to storage locations

Cell Line Application Note

Our Cell Line Application Note looks at some of the key challenges of cell line management, and how Mosaic addresses these, with reference to some typical cell line workflows. Find out more by downloading the Cell Line Application Note below.

Download the Application Note