Assay Sample Management

Mosaic software plays an integral part in rapidly providing reliable data sets required for screening

Mosaic software for screening

Delivering the highest possible quality screening data to projects requires a streamlined workflow moving information from sample logistics to lab automation to analysis and back.

Mosaic sample management software enables this integrated data flow. It is commonly used to manage the creation of assay ready plates and the subsequent dilution steps carried out in the assay.

Mosaic is also able to track assay mixtures. It allows the assayist to report the batch of reagents or combinations of substances added in the inventory on a well-by-well basis. The assay concentrations for each substance of interest are automatically calculated.

This provides researchers with the time and freedom to focus on assay analysis.

Assay Sample Management

Mosaic software supports critical screening operations through:

Data Integrity - Mosaic provides a full audit trail for data, samples, reagents, labware and operations so you can track back to the exact well and actions performed on it, and reliably share your data with peers.
Fast Turn Around - Mosaic provides off the shelf integrations that deliver data reliably to your analysis tools, so it can rapidly be interpreted. The speed you can distribute data and get results back helps to compress screening cycles.
Data Flow - Mosaic's comprehensive range of tested integrations draws together information from storage, liquid handling, manual processes, detection systems and analysis. These system integrations remove human error and ensure data is original, accurate and readily available.
Flexibility - Screening is constantly adapting as science evolves, detection technologies improve, the types of substance being screened alter and screen sizes change. Mosaic gives you flexibility by ensuring that you are not restricted to one workflow or one manufacturer's equipment and their way of doing things.
Outsourcing - Contract Research Organisations (CROs) using Mosaic software are increasingly offering HTS as a service. This gives access to the CRO’s internal experience and collections, which would be expensive to sustain in house.
Tracking Mixtures - Testing potential combination therapies requires screening pools of multiple substances in a well, which is both time and cost saving. Mosaic tracks individual components of mixtures on a well-by-well basis. If your screening infrastructure cannot track this, your data quality could be compromised.
" Titian Mosaic has been extremely successful, within 6 months of starting the company we were screening and using Titian Mosaic to get off the ground. "

Ted Peters, Relay Therapeutics

Case Study: Sygnature Discovery: the creation of a high throughput screening (HTS) facility

Sygnature Discovery, a contract research organisation (CRO) based in Nottingham and Alderley Park, UK, has utilised Titian’s Mosaic sample management in the creation of a high throughput screening (HTS) facility.

Find about the role Titian’s Mosaic software played including the benefits and the integrations with multiple vendors on the project.  

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Case Study: Sygnature Discovery

Working with Genedata


An outline of the challenges and solutions for accurately tracking mixtures of samples

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