Critical Reagents Management

Mosaic provides the tools to maintain the supply and manage the quality of critical reagents for drug development

Mosaic software for critical reagents management

The quality and long-term performance of ligand-binding assays (LBAs) depends on ensuring reagent consistency throughout the variable production process, storage and then use. LBAs are widely used in drug discovery to detect and measure a molecule’s binding to a target to understand how it performs. 

However, the specificity, selectivity and sensitivity of LBAs depend on the reagents used. Such reagents are considered ‘critical’ if their variation can have a significant effect on the assay outcome. Critical reagents may include binding proteins, aptamers, antibodies or conjugated antibodies, positive and negative controls, or reference standards.

Mosaic is designed to accurately track all sample types through their lifetime, including recording sample events from creation to disposal, monitoring of stock levels, and tracking sample locations, movements, expiry dates – all backed by a full audit trail. These capabilities make it ideally suited to critical reagent management.


Mosaic supports critical reagent management through:

Ensuring consistency and accountability by recording actions such as thawing, diluting, aliquoting and re-freezing in an audit trail
Tracking lot-level validation status and sending email alerts for items approaching a revalidation date
Monitoring inventory levels and sending email alerts when levels get low
Managing any container type used for reagent storage to ensure an accurate inventory
Ensuring users can find existing reagent stocks using robust search, rather than ordering duplicates
Controlling access to:
- which reagents may be requested, and which are reserved
- storage locations
Comprehensive storage management – including tools to:
- accurately model the entire hierarchy of sample storage
- identify appropriate free space for reagent storage
- provide reports and visualisation on freezer usage
- store and retrieve samples in bulk
Making it easier to manage, find and share materials by recording data consistently using controlled vocabularies and validated data entry
- file attachments and hyperlinks capture certificates of analysis and datasheets
Managing and tracking the requesting and delivering of reagents
Ensuring reagents are labelled accurately by integrating label printing

Critical Reagents Application Note

Our application note discusses the lifecycle management procedures needed to ensure consistency between original and new batches of critical reagents and how to implement them.

Download the Application Note