Efficient biobank management

Mosaic for Biobanks

Biobanks are a rapidly growing part of the medical research landscape, helping to advance our understanding of the mechanisms of disease. Holding patient specimens and their derivatives, it is imperative that they can reliably trace all samples and their associated data.

Biobanks are also used in other fields such as agroscience, ecology, and environmental science. These all require that a wide diversity of valuable samples be accurately described, stored, tracked and managed over their lifetime.

Mosaic software is ideally suited to managing such large and diverse biological collections with rest-assured efficiency.

Features and Benefits

Suitable for regulated environments. All sample events are tracked to 21CFR11 in a comprehensive audit trail
Seamlessly integrate automated stores alongside manually accessed freezers to manage all storage in a single application
Manage sample diversity
  • Define any type of material, capture detailed metadata and store file attachments
  • Define any container type including vials, jars, slides, FFPE blocks or plates
Integration options support efficient automated processes:
  • 2D-barcode rack scanners
  • Liquid handlers
  • Automated stores
  • Weigh stations
Store, retrieve and move samples easily with comprehensive tools
Guarantee sample tracking with unique identifiers and barcode ranges
Search and report on any metadata using an intuitive query builder
Capture the full genealogy of derived samples, including aliquots and slides
Label all types of container with flexible integrated labelling
Secure login for all users, via existing Single Sign-On systems

White Paper: Selecting Sample Management Software for Biobanking Applications

Efficient and viable management of your biobanks is imperative.

Our white paper details some of the key factors that should be considered when choosing your sample management set-up.

Download the White Paper



Flexible Scalability

Mosaic is highly configurable and flexible. Titian works with each of its customers to configure a Mosaic system that supports its sample management workflows and business operational rules.

If you have specific site or application requirements please contact us and our team of Application Consultants will be able to advise on the best setup for you.

Integrate with your Laboratory

Mosaic allows you to get the most efficient use from your capital equipment with the monitoring and management integrations of liquid handlers, automated stores and manual equipment including weigh stations and hand pipettes.

Check which instruments we can integrate with Mosaic here.