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Titian Software’s Mosaic Mobile App is a companion app for the Mosaic Sample Management Platform, the leading life science laboratory solution for tracking sample inventory.

The app brings mobile convenience and traceability to manual freezers, stores, and reagent rooms.  

  • Collect information and update inventory in real-time 
  • Validate sample picks 
  • Step-by-step guidance for pick and place operations  
  • Retrieve sample and sample handling 
  • Provide sample safety information 

The Mosaic Mobile App allows for accurate and speedy sample movements by guiding users to the location of each sample. Scanning the sample barcode checks your inventory and confirms you have the right sample.

The app also allows enforcement of sample storage criteria and, just like in Mosaic web, comprehensive auditing ensures adherence to regulatory compliance requirements. All actions in the app are automatically visible in the main Mosaic instance.

Available for Android 8.1 and newer and iOS versions 12 and newer.

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