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FreezerManagement SampleBank

Bring mobile convenience and traceability to your freezers, manual vial stores and reagent rooms with Mosaic Mobile.

Be guided through your stores to pick or store samples and get detailed information - including hazards - immediately.

The Mosaic Mobile application supports any Android device with a camera and works best with devices with integrated barcode scanners, such as those by Zebra.

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Information in your hand:
No need to return to a desk to pick up details.

Minimal Human Error

Efficiency gains:
Minimise manual errors, save time and improve data quality.


Regulatory compliance:
Capture fully tracked processes automatically in Mosaic’s audit trail.

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Hazard awareness:
Clear sample safety information on the go.

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If you would like to learn more about our Mobile module for Mosaic and how it works or if you would like more information about Mosaic FreezerManagement or SampleBank, please get in touch.

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