Mosaic software provides advanced functionality and impeccable support for sample management across global or multi-site inventories.

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Every sample
is precious.

Mosaic is the laboratory sample management software platform for a complete Sample Management cycle. It is an established solution for the management of millions of samples worldwide, guaranteeing a rest-assured solution for lab sample management.

Built from 20 years of experience in laboratory sample management and laboratory sample tracking, Mosaic enables you to manage your samples cost-effectively whatever your needs. Whether you have a local single-site sample store, or a worldwide multi-site inventory, use Mosaic software to manage all sample types, including compounds, biologicals and reagents.

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" The roll out of Mosaic here has been fantastic. Just finished up plating all of our compounds and would not have been able to do it as fast, if we didn’t have Mosaic. It has made my processing much more efficient. "

Bob Smith, Blueprint Medicines

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Inventory Tracking

Mosaic’s sample inventory database is a central repository for laboratory sample inventory information, such as sample amount, concentration, location, labware type and diluent.

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Mosaic provides a number of ways to place sample orders to reflect different scenarios and integrate with different systems.

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Sample Processing

Mosaic Sample Processing can support a range of different capabilities within the lab, according to the throughput demands and the availability of automation.

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Assay Requesting

Mosaic Assay Requesting was developed with the project scientist in mind. For frequently performed assays, the requestor can simply list the compounds to be run in their preferred assays. The preparation of the predefined assay items is then managed centrally and efficiently.

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Automation Integration

Mosaic’s extensive integration with a range of automated stores and instrumentation supports entire workflows and lab productivity, with improved accuracy and consistency.

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Tracked Shipping

Mosaic’s inventory database is a central repository for inventory information, such as sample amount, concentration, location, labware type and diluent.

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Mosaic is mostly used in conjunction with third-party informatics systems and instruments. If you have a specific integration in mind, please contact us and we can advise on the best possible integration method to use.

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Inventory Tracking



Sample Processing@4x

Sample Processing

Assay Request

Assay Requesting

Automation Integration@4x

Automation Integration

Tracked Shipping@4x

Tracked Shipping



How can Mosaic help?

Manage and record the details of any sample with Mosaic’s flexible and intuitive interfaces.

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Simplified operations

Within the lab, freeing expert staff from repetitive machine setup tasks

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Fewer human errors

Fewer errors in sample preparation and associated data handling


Thorough audit trails

with 21 CFR Part 11 compliant audit; including who, what and when.


Process Efficiency

Change your lab processes with our easy to use interfaces – without needing to call in your IT team

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Meet your library size and application-specific requirements


Management of diverse sample types

From small molecule compounds to tissue collections

" Titian Mosaic has been extremely successful, within 6 months of starting the company we were screening and using Titian Mosaic to get off the ground. "

Ted Peters, Relay Therapeutics

Titian’s expert consultancy ensures that a bespoke Mosaic laboratory sample management system works the way you need it to, and with ongoing support from Titian experts, it can develop to meet your future needs.
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Expert consultancy and support

To create your ideal Mosaic system, Titian’s experts will:

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Discuss your sample management needs

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Provide a detailed explanation of the options available

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Assess your infrastructure and work with you to develop a strategy for implementation

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Develop, install, and train your staff to use your tailored Mosaic lab sample management software

" Boehringer Ingelheim has used Mosaic application for sample management in R&D for many years. However, last year, the long-time system leader passed away suddenly without the possibility of technical transferring. This created tremendous challenges to the IT team. When Titian learned this, they offered prompt assistance for training IT team members and supporting end users directly. This not only ensured the stability of our production system but also significantly accelerated the skill/knowledge transition. Titian’s generous support was a key factor for Boehringer Ingelheim to continue using the application without single interruption. We truly appreciate Titian’s help! "

Benjamin Li, Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals


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