Every sample is precious. Mosaic is the established solution for the management of millions of samples worldwide, guaranteeing a rest-assured solution for sample management.

Benefiting from Titian’s 19+ years of experience in sample management, Mosaic enables you to manage your samples cost-effectively whatever your needs. Whether you have a local single-site sample store, or a worldwide multi-site inventory, use Mosaic software to manage all sample types, including compounds, biologicals and reagents.

How can Mosaic help?
  • Simplified operations within the lab, freeing expert staff from repetitive machine setup tasks
  • Fewer human errors in sample preparation and associated data handling
  • Thorough audit trails
  • Improved sample conservation
  • Scalability to meet your library size and application-specific requirements
  • Management of diverse sample types from small molecule compounds to tissue collections

As a fully tailored and comprehensive software system, purpose-built to your specifications, Mosaic provides advanced and ever-evolving functionality. Titian’s expert consultancy ensures that Mosaic works the way you need it to, and with ongoing support from Titian experts, it can develop to meet your future needs.

Expert consultancy and support

To create your ideal Mosaic system, Titian’s experts will:

  • Discuss your sample management needs
  • Provide a detailed explanation of the options available
  • Assess your infrastructure and work with you to develop a strategy for implementation
  • Develop, install, and train your staff to use your tailored Mosaic software

Let’s talk about your sample management needs.

Get in touch and we’ll have one of our team contact you.

Mosaic Version History

See the new features for each version of Mosaic

Simple ordering interface for requestors
User-configurable inventory searching
Manual pipetting user interface
Automatic “sweeping” of labware importer files
Online integration with HighRes Cellario
Online integration with Hamilton Verso automated store
Multi Instance Ordering, allowing orders to be submitted at a global instance of Mosaic and fulfilled at local sites
Assay Requesting
Ability for users to edit Substance Types and Properties
Inventory User Rights model, allowing fine-grained control of labware and substances
Express Pick and Place – new web pages to streamline the picking/placing process when using unstructured shelves
Improved Labcyte Tempo integration for Echo Dose Response processes
Online integration with Labcyte Tempo
Ad hoc creation and editing of solution mixtures
Ability for users to define and edit labware types through the web interface
New UI look and feel
Security and authentication enhancements for use outside corporate network