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Mosaic software ensures your compound management team know where every sample is and everything that has happened to it, whether you are running manual or automated processes for storage, liquid handling, tube sorting, rack scanning, weighing and so on. 

Mosaic drives up the quality and integrity of the data your scientists rely on by freeing your sample chain of errors and providing a comprehensive audit trail of actions. Remote small molecule order requests are checked, the correct samples are chosen, instrument operators are given guidance and equipment use is optimised to ensure fast, error-free processing.

Mosaic easily digitises your lab processes by linking inventory, workflow, audit trail, ELNs, registration systems and analysis systems in one end-to-end flow that means data is available where you need it, in real time. This means your samples become a corporate resource rather than existing in silos in individual labs.

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Mosaic manages the full compound life cycle and provides:

Audit trail

Well managed and audited tracking of your company’s precious samples and their history (including recording who did what and when)
Seamless supply chain

Mosaic ensures the sample is processed in the correct way on the most efficient available platform to give you an optimised workflow, whatever the size of your company.
Remote Ordering

Powerful request interfaces guarantee a seamless compound supply chain. Users can specify the ordering, processing and distribution of neat compounds and solutions, with the option to split fulfilment across multiple sites.

Mosaic provides integration between lab instruments and software to ensure an error-free data flow between sample registration, processing and analysis. New equipment can be integrated into lab workflows whenever you are ready to add it.

Mosaic manages any type of labware and any type of sample, allowing biological samples to be added to your compound management system as and when required.

Case Study: Agios Pharmaceuticals: Biotech compound management in an age of change

Agios Pharmaceuticals – like many Biotech companies – uses a global network of contract research organisations (CROs) to run primary assays and hold much of its inventory. The challenge for Agios is to know what is happening to their samples across each research site.  

Add in the challenges of working in a global pandemic with disrupted supply chains, and coordinating compound management just got several levels harder. How do biotechs like Agios stay up to date with distributed inventory management and screening across many different partners? 

When implementing Mosaic sample management software, Agios wished to include secure access for its CRO partners who hold much of its physical inventory, with the aim of capturing exactly what Agios samples they were working with at all times.  

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Agios Pharmaceuticals: Biotech compound management in an age of change


An Example Compound Management Workflow