Service update - 20th May 2024:

Our new ticketing and support system is now live:

Remedyforce self-service has now been disabled and all support communication can be done on the new support portal or via email.

We know that the success of sample management operations takes more than the initial setup.

Our Professional Services team is available from day one – and importantly for the lifetime of your Mosaic sample management setup – to provide technical assistance and application support for your critical operations.

For easy access to our range of Professional Services, we have a number of contact options:

UK Telephone: +44 207 367 6867
US Telephone: +1 508 366 0321

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Support services

With Support teams based in the EU, USA and China and an electronic tracking system for issues and requests, you get access to experienced support personnel and can keep track of issues through to resolution.

At Titian our customer services and support don’t stop after product installation.

After your system is installed and accepted, we provide training and support to ensure that you get the maximum benefit from your investment. We take support very seriously because it forms such an important part of the long-term relationship.

Customer Support Web Portal:

Analysis and Consultancy

Using our specialist experience, and knowledge of available automation, we will help you to:

  • Map the material and data flows for your sample management processes
  • Define sample throughput requirements
  • Decide on storage strategies – bearing in mind the service levels your customers demand and the preparation processes that must be performed before a sample is ready for use
  • Consider sample re-stocking strategies
  • Optimise the use of your current automation and specify performance and integration interface details for any new robotics
  • Identify common data that you use when placing an order for samples, and any links to external analysis or structure systems that would make the ordering process more user-friendly
  • Consider future upgrade paths for various scenarios.
  • This up-front analysis results in a well-considered requirements specification for your system, which is a valuable resource when defining requirements for hardware and software vendors, and when communicating your vision to colleagues.

If you are considering enhancing your Mosaic system with new automation integration, or optimising sample storage and preparation processes using your existing hardware, our consultancy services can help.

Mosaic Upgrades and Enhancements

Titian develops Mosaic in response to the application needs of our customers, and for customers who join Titian’s Maintenance and Support Programme, new releases of the product with new features and fixes are made available


Titian provides training with each system installation. However we recognise that you will periodically have new staff that require Mosaic training, or you may have expanded the functionality within your Mosaic system (by upgrade or the addition of specific modules).

Titian’s Professional Services team can cater for all your Mosaic training needs, offering off-the-shelf and customised training programs.

Resource centre

A range of resources to help those planning and implementing a sample management system, including articles, white papers and presentations developed by fellow customers and Titian’s team of Application Consultants who contribute a wealth of industry experience.

Visit our Resource Centre