Mosaic SampleBank

Experience the benefits of a centralised, secure, and efficient sample management solution tailored to meet your organisation's unique needs with sample ordering, inventory tracking, and workflow management.


Mosaic SampleBank

Sample Ordering

Scientists are guided to request the samples they need to be prepared in the form they want them delivered. Mosaic checks items to be processed, validating with a simulation of the workflow to be run and taking into account things like dead volumes of intermediates required and whether the samples are restricted due to business rules.

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Workflow Management

Free your supply chain of errors with Mosaic SampleBank’s workflow management. Optimise automation and manual workflows, pre-validate processes and guide the operators across multiple workstations depending on the complexity of your processes.

"Workflows are perfectly established through Mosaic both for Compound Management staff and final users. Mosaic is a friendly system to use for users and allows CM staff an accurate control of every step of stock storage and control, and sample preparation. Errors are also minimised. This means an improvement of the efficiency for our company"

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Integrate with your Laboratory

Mosaic SampleBank allows you to get the most efficient use from your capital equipment with the monitoring and management integrations of liquid handlers, automated stores and manual equipment including weigh stations and hand pipettes.

Manage automated stores

Automatically monitor and record sample movements in and out of the store. Automatically pick samples in response to requests.

Integrate with liquid handlers and other automation

Monitor and record sample transfers. Automatically create plates in response to requests. Integrate with tube rack scanners and tube sorters.

Full Inventory Tracking

Manage and record the details of any sample with Mosaic SampleBank’s flexible and intuitive interfaces.

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Storage Tracking

Track all your storage

Represent your entire hierarchy of storage including freezers, shelves, cupboards and automated stores.

Import and Upload

Bulk import/update of samples

Powerful file importing of large datasets including full validation to ensure accurate information.

Audit Trail

Comprehensive audit trail

Automatically track every sample preparation step via a 21 CFR Part 11 compliant audit; including who, what and when.

Search and Report

Search and report on samples

Flexible query builder lets you choose parameters to create your own searches

Free Space Finder

Find free space

Automatically find free space for your samples so you don’t have to go hunting for it.

Barcode assignment and management

Manage and Print Barcodes

Once you’ve defined the information, Mosaic SampleBank maintains barcode sequences for you and can then print it as well.

"Mosaic is used to allow us to order our plates"

"The important thing about Mosaic for us is the fact it allows us to maintain data integrity. It bypasses the need for human interventions so there should be no errors. Before we implemented Mosaic, we weren't able to do the kind of things we're doing now." Denise Swift

"There are 2 key features that stand out to us"

"One is the simplicity of ordering, so our scientist or our people who work in sample management can place orders for compounds very straightforwardly. The 2nd is the robotic integration, so the execution of that order happens completely in the background, our people do not have to interact with many different types of automation in order to create the final compound plate." Clive Green

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Mosaic Implementation

Getting Started With Mosaic SampleBank

View our Installation Overview Infographic for Mosaic SampleBank to learn what the installation process looks like and how to get started.