10 wins for both Sample Management and IT departments

Sample management or LIMS software - such as Titian's Mosaic - can simplify both your lab management and IT load.

Below are 10 easy wins it provides:

  1. Proven software tools replace error-prone and inflexible spreadsheets and macros
  2. One system tracks samples of all different types, so you can get a full history of both a compound and a cell line used in a particular assay plate well
  3. Web-based solutions make deployment easy, with Cloud and SaaS options available
  4. Audit trails become 21 CFR Part 11 compliant
  5. Integration with automation is vendor-backed and approved
  6. Having fewer IT systems to maintain means a lower support burden for the company
  7. New technologies come ready incorporated, including AR-guided sample workflows
  8. Changing lab processes is easy to manage - without calling in the IT department
  9. Gain the reliability of gold-standard software technologies, without taking on the cost and infrastructure
  10. You're not on your own but have the backing of dedicated, high-quality vendor support
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