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Application Notes
Sample Management, Freezer Management, Automation, Integrations

Bringing Easy Sample Traceability to Any Location with Titian’s Mosaic Locator

The Mosaic Locator uses IoT technology to allow you to automatically scan ...

Case Studies
Compound Management

Agios Pharmaceuticals: Biotech compound management in an age of change

Download the case study to learn more about how Agios and Titian work ...

Application Notes
Sample Management, Freezer Management, Automation, Automated Stores, Integrations

Integrating Azenta Life Sciences LN2-based BioStores with Titian’s Mosaic software

Titian’s Automated Stores (AMS) application is part of Titian’s Mosaic ...

Mosaic Documents

Mosaic Integrations

For close integration with your automation platform, Mosaic offers drivers ...

Application Notes
Sample Management, Digitisation, Integrations

Integrating Volume Checking with Mosaic Software

Titian Software offers a Volume Checking application which integrates ...

Application Notes
Sample Management, Automation, Integrations

Tube Re-arraying with Titian’s Mosaic Automated Tube Sorter Module

Manual methods of sorting and picking samples in tubes are slow and ...