Augmented Reality for Mosaic Sample Management

Augmented Reality (AR) glasses guide you to the precise location of your sample


The glasses overlay real-time information for any freezer, in any lab. More accurate, faster sample retrieval - Mosaic AR for sample management


Mosaic sample management software and AR glasses are in constant communication over Wi-Fi. This allows information to be conveniently displayed.


When picking or placing samples, the user is guided to the exact store, shelf and position.

Each sample barcode is checked to confirm the pick or place - or reject it if it doesn’t match – until the pick/place list is complete.


For a tube, rack or plate, Mosaic AR displays useful information such as substance details, potential hazards, work waiting for that sample or whether the sample has expired.


For lab instrumentation, Mosaic AR can display run information and show what can be run next.

Work faster

Greater efficiencies as no time is wasted wondering which task is next

Reduce errors

Reduction or elimination of manual errors from the data-driven scientific sample cycles

Real-time capture

Real-time and automatic capture of operations in Mosaic audit trail

Improved safety

Improved lab safety by identifying hazardous reagents and alerting the operator

Hands free

Speed up picking and placing by having both hands available

Improved compliance

Improved regulatory compliance from fully tracked processes

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