Titian Software launches Mosaic SampleBank™ to offer a simple route to sample management best practice

Titian is launching Mosaic SampleBank™ to offer the benefits of sample management best practice gained from collaborating with big pharma companies in a format that is cost-effective and rapid for other institutions to deploy.

SampleBank encapsulates key modules of Titian's industry-leading Mosaic software in a pre-configured format allowing simple, efficient start-up.

SampleBank users can now rapidly organise all their samples into a centralised, traceable resource. SampleBank’s inventory tracking, workflow and order management functionality promotes quality assured data gained from efficient manual or automated processes. Customers will benefit from Titian’s integration with an extensive library of laboratory automation used in sample management workflows.

CEO of Titian Software, Edmund Wilson, commented: “Titian is in a unique position of knowledge as it has worked alongside blue-chip pharma companies for the last 15 years to develop and hone Mosaic to the point that it is now established as the industry's leading sample management software.  SampleBank was conceived to allow a wider range of organisations to take advantage of best practice in this industry, at an affordable price point.

Importantly, as a Mosaic product, SampleBank is modular and users always have the option of adding other Mosaic modules as their business develops.”

Titian Software launches Mosaic SampleBank at SLAS2016, 25-27th  January, San Diego, California, USA. Live demos of the software are available on booth #1637.

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