Webinar: Sample management in large organisations – how Mosaic FreezerManagement brings cost and efficiency benefits

Mosaic FreezerManagement was originally conceived as a way to bring the power of Mosaic sample management to the smaller organisation in a very cost-effective way. Since its launch, larger organisations have identified that Mosaic FreezerManagement also provides a solution to manage their research samples on an enterprise scale. In this webinar we explore why FreezerManagement applies equally well to large enterprises and small sample collections, and the specific benefits for larger organisations, based on real use cases.

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Speaker Bios:

Toby Winchester

Toby has worked for Titian for over 6 years and is a Business Application consultant Team leader. He combines the knowledge of Titian’s Mosaic product suite with the experience gained from 17 years at Pfizer Central Research, including 9 years leading a Materials Management Group in the SAR generation area. He is Lean 6 Sigma black belt qualified and so has a major focus on process improvement by reducing timelines and increasing accuracy.

Marcus Oxer

Marcus worked for GlaxoSmithKline for 23 years, originally as a scientist working in molecular biology, later transitioning to bioinformatics and then R&D IT. He joined Titian Software in 2012 where he specialises in addressing the challenges of biological sample management.

Anne Vergnon

A biological chemist by training, Anne has had held several roles within large pharma companies, including Compound Logistics and Assay Requesting and Fulfillment. She started out as a combinatorial chemist at Roche then later worked in Automation Support in the screening and compound management group at Johnson & Johnson and then at Merck. She then became Head of local Compound Management supporting the In Vitro Screening team at Merck before joining Titian in July 2012.