Esteve gains sample management efficiencies using Titian’s Mosaic software

Barcelona NME R&D site expands Mosaic’s use and scope after initial deployment

Titian Software has announced that deployment of its Mosaic sample management software has resulted in simplified workflows and boosted productivity at Esteve’s Compound Management Unit in Barcelona, after replacing their previous system.

“The improvements from using Mosaic are very clear to us”, said Carlos Maseda, researcher at Esteve. “The most significant benefit is perfect control of each workflow step. The fact that we can do everything inside one complete software solution avoids errors, is more efficient, and makes more information available for users. The powerful audit trail, the pick lists and the possibility of restrictions/reservations on samples have brought important improvements to our workflows.”

Since its installation in 2015, Titian's Mosaic software has been extended to support the whole of sample management research at Esteve's R&D site. It provides step-by-step guidance and workflow management, compound ordering, full inventory tracking with a comprehensive audit trail, and it communicates with Esteve’s existing chemical database and ELN software. Esteve plans to further extend Mosaic’s functionality over the next year by adding in its weighing module and other options.

Developed over 15 years of collaboration with major pharma in sample management, Mosaic software was originally selected by Esteve because of its robust performance, wide compatibility with existing equipment and software, and easy integration. “Mosaic is known to be very reliable, is used by most big pharma, and was recommended by many people from other companies”, said Carlos Maseda.

Edmund Wilson, Titian’s CEO, added: “Esteve’s team required an improved sample management solution that they could be confident would be supported now and in the future. This is where our long track record in sample management really counts. Mosaic is designed to be scalable and has a wide array of functionality built in, so as Esteve’s needs change, Mosaic can adapt to meet those needs.”

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