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Titian Mosaic software integrates with Ziath scanners and DP5 software

Why combine Mosaic software with Ziath's DataPaq rack scanners and DP5 software

Ziath's rack scanners, such as the DataPaq Mirage, DataPaq Cube and DataPaq Express, provide fast identification of 2D coded and racked tubes without the need to scan the tube barcodes individually. Integrating Ziath scanners with Mosaic software provides seamless and accurate inventory updates.

Variations in lighting, image noise, barcode lasering and materials all contribute to barcode detection difficulties. However, Ziath’s DP5 rack decoding software incorporates ground-breaking use of Artificial Intelligence. This has proved almost ten times faster than other scanners with virtually 100% accuracy.

Ziath DataPaq


Identify and view any differences between the physical positions of the tubes and their recorded positions in the inventory database
Consolidate part-filled racks to improve freezer efficiency: simply scan the full tube rack to update the inventory database
Recover easily from lab accidents like dropping a tube or rack, by scanning to update the inventory
Gain a 21 CFR Part 11 compliant audit trail tracking samples and labware
Quickly scan new racks of empty tubes to the inventory, ready for use
Pick and place items to or from freezer boxes by simply scanning
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Titian Mosaic

Titian Mosaic

Mosaic Sample Management software provides workflow management and inventory tracking to enable a seamless, error-free, sample supply chain and comprehensive audit trail.

Mosaic’s modular approach makes it easy to start small and upgrade or extend the software’s functionality whenever needed.

It also integrates with a huge variety of other automation and software to bring these into your laboratory workflow and provide a 21 CFR Part 11 compliant audit trail for the entire sample life cycle.

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Ziath Scanners

Ziath Scanners

Ziath specialises in instrumentation control and information management in both the academic and the pharmaceutical/biotech industry sectors.

Founded in 2005 by scientists and engineers, Ziath focuses on the application of laboratory automation. In particular, on managing large sample libraries (compound management, biobanking and sample management) using 2D datamatrix tubes and scanners.

By combining Ziath scanners and Mosaic sample management software, you send accurate data direct to your inventory, without manual file handling, and gain a 21 CFR Part 11 compliant audit trail tracking samples and labware.

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