SampleBank™ provides full inventory tracking capabilities coupled with sample ordering and workflow management in a pre-configured simple package.

How can Mosaic SampleBank help?

  • Revolutionise your workflows with error free supply chain management
  • Organise your samples as a corporate resource rather than existing in silos
  • Free your Scientists from tracking down samples to focusing on research
  • Get the most efficient use from your automation and other capital equipment
  • A scalable solution able to grow to meet your future demands
  • Encapsulates best practice for your sample management requirements, based on over 15 years of industry knowledge
  • Hit the ground running – it’s fast to deploy and simple to implement
Mosaic SampleBank functionality includes:

Inventory tracking
Never lose a sample. See exactly which samples are where at any time

Comprehensive audit trail
Add integrity to your process by knowing everything that has happened to your samples

Powerful, intuitive ordering interfaces for a guaranteed and seamless sample supply chain

Automation integration
Reduce human errors in sample preparation and associated data handling by integrating a wide range of automated storage, liquid handling and dry powder handling systems

Sample processing
Utilise in-built workflow management for optimised manual or automated sample preparation

Records substance and sample data
Sample properties for multiple sample types e.g. tissue, cells, antibodies, can be recorded in the same system

Web-based access
Very easy to deploy, with operations carried out via Mosaic web pages

Your SampleBank system can also evolve over time to include more of Mosaic’s extensive functionality

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