After samples have been prepared, the shipping workflow is initiated for any samples that are to be delivered off-site.
  • Accumulated shipping packages – separate shipping and receipt pages allow users to create packages with items from multiple orders, for delivery to the same site. Several packages can be created to match the quantity and physical container sizes. Packages are barcoded, and accumulated into a shipment.
  • Despatch notes and shipping manifest – Mosaic generates documents containing details of the order and sample shipment, which, together with other standard documentation (e.g. hazard declarations), can be printed and emailed to the recipient site.
  • Tracked shipment – Mosaic tracks the shipment to the point that it leaves the site, and includes the courier shipment reference for in-transit tracking via the courier’s website (where available).
  • Shipments can be reviewed by receiving site – recipients can review sample shipments prior to their arrival. On arrival the contents of each package can be unpacked and the recipient details can be shown.

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