At its core, Mosaic Sample Processing manages manual sample preparation steps but users also benefit from the in-built workflow management feature and the capture of a comprehensive sample and order audit trail.

Workflow Management

A sample may go through several steps while it is being processed for an order. The Mosaic Workflow Manager application orchestrates and tracks all of the processing steps that are required by active orders:

  • Provides data at each workstation, to guide the user and to drive the automated equipment
  • Allows flexibility to cope with changing operations – it’s easy to configure a new workflow
  • Efficiently handles overlapping orders (multiple orders for the same inventory item)
  • Helps operators answer the question “what should I do with this item now?”
  • Monitors order status and closely interacts with workstations to track the success and failure of each step
  • Supports ad-hoc unmanaged processes and allows you to record resulting changes to the inventory

Sample Receipt

Samples can be imported into Mosaic via several different mechanisms:

  • The Mosaic Labware Importer module supports the import of CSV and MS Excel files to upload items in bulk
  • The Mosaic web pages can be used for the creation of single and multiple containers, with or without existing barcodes, which can be allocated and printed on receipt
  • The Inventory API allows an external system to create containers automatically

Mosaic Weighing and Receipt can be used to confirm the arrival of the samples and run a checkweigh before they are optionally placed into storage.

Manual Storage

Mosaic will guide users through the process of manually retrieving items required by orders, and putting them away afterwards.

A wireless networked barcode reader running the Mosaic mobile PDA application is a fast, user-friendly way of tracking item locations, and keeping the inventory database up-to-date.

Ad-hoc Sample Dispensing

Ad-hoc dispensing of liquids and solids into new containers can be recorded via Mosaic’s web pages. This allows for simple maintenance of the inventory and an easy mechanism to transfer samples where the container itself is faulty.

Support for Manual Pipetting

As well as integrating with automated bench-top liquid dispensing instruments, Mosaic also supports manual liquid handling.

The software clearly specifies the dispensing requirements of a sample order, showing the source and destination container information and allowing the user to input the empty labware barcode and confirm the actual dispensed amounts.

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