Mosaic provides a number of ways to place sample orders to reflect different scenarios and integrate with different systems
  • Order requests are validated to avoid potential problems (for example instances in which insufficient sample exists, the labware would overflow, or sample transfers are below minimum accurate pipetting volumes for a particular instrument). This allows correction or alternative planning before sample processing begins
  • Orders can be fulfilled from multiple sites and the sample availability and most appropriate fulfilment route is assessed
  • Users can track the progress of their orders, and view feedback on any items that could not be fulfilled
  • Close integration with substance databases and results analysis systems provides seamless workflow management. For example, follow-up orders can be created automatically by the analysis system based on the experimental results
  • The web-based ordering system can be accessed by users remote from the dispensary, globally if desired
  • Customisable wizard templates enable frequent inventory management operations to be set up just once, and then subsequently executed in just a few mouse clicks. For example, allowing users to search quickly for plates that need to be replenished, based on criteria such as age, the number of wells containing less than a threshold volume, or the number of freeze-thaw cycles the plate has experienced
  • Samples can be user-restricted for the careful management of specific projects, especially within biological collections. Consent information is recorded, and documents can be associated with each sample

Mosaic Ordering allows multi-stage preparation and intermediate deliverables. For example, for compound preparation, a full, dry compound dispense and solubilisation, followed by mother plate creation, and then daughter plate creation is possible.

Mosaic Ordering also allows the administrator to define useful order templates, pre-setting the order parameters, and controlling which parameters are adjustable by the users (e.g. preferred delivery container, plate layout, volume etc). This helps to capture best practice and harmonise the operations in the sample bank.

Mosaic Ordering can also be implemented programmatically via the Mosaic Ordering API.

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