If you have a specific integration in mind, please contact us and we can advise on the best possible integration method to use.
Integration with Registration Systems

Mosaic typically integrates with third-party substance registration systems, so there is no need to duplicate substance data as it can be easily imported live into Mosaic.

Where a registration system is not available, or where the registration data needs to be supplemented with additional fields, Mosaic can be configured to include a flexible substance metadata system that will support many substance types simultaneously.

Integration with HTS Analysis Systems

Mosaic has a specific workflow-driven module to export sample data to IDBS ActivityBase. For other analysis systems (eg Genedata), Mosaic can be configured to provide convenient data views for plate and container contents.

Integration with Mosaic APIs

Mosaic has a number of Applications Programming Interfaces, for example to allow controlled access to the Inventory data, Mosaic Ordering, and the Mosaic Workflow Manager.

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