Watch Assay Requesting in action:

For frequently performed assays, the requestor can simply list the compounds to be run in their preferred assays. The preparation of the predefined assay items is then managed centrally and efficiently.

Mosaic aggregates the assay requests and provides a summary view of all pending requests to the operators. The operators can then decide to pool together requests for the same assay and then submit a Mosaic order to prepare the samples. This makes best use of the samples and ensures that the assay platforms are working on complete plates as often as possible, avoiding the wastage of expensive assay reagents.

  • Assay requirements are fully defined and checked – availability of stock and feasibility to precisely prepare the plates are conveniently verified
  • Duplication checking – users can see if and when the same compound and assay combination was last requested, minimising unnecessary duplication of effort
  • Efficient batching of assays – requests can be held back until sufficient similar requests are received, making best use of the assay resources
  • Fully integrated with Mosaic Ordering – requests are managed automatically by the sophisticated workflow and fulfilment features, with a complete audit trail of preparation data
Assay Requesting User Interfaces

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