Developed from extensive knowledge of biobanking requirements, Mosaic FreezerManagement is a software package for small to medium-sized sample collections, designed to manage the storage and distribution of sample aliquots to a number of recipients in their required formats.

The benefits of Mosaic FreezerManagement include:

  • Fast to deploy on the cloud or on-premise
  • Manage and record the details of any sample
  • Know every sample’s location and container
  • Easily find free space, rather than investing in another freezer
  • Track down expired, outdated or redundant samples
  • Easily design and print labels with integrated label printing
  • Assign and manage barcodes
  • Free scientists from tracking down samples, and allow them to focus on research
  • Provide a scalable solution able to grow to meet your future demands
  • Low monthly subscription cost

Let Titian’s Mosaic FreezerManagement software liberate you from tedious sample management processes!

Mosaic FreezerManagement functionality

Titian’s Mosaic FreezerManagement software keeps track of samples in freezers and provides a comprehensive audit trail as samples are accessed and aliquoted.

Manage and record the details of any sample
Flexible and intuitive interfaces to define and record properties for any sample type including reagents, DNA, proteins, antibodies, cell lines, blood, serum and tissues.

Track all your storage
Represent your entire hierarchy of storage including freezers, shelves, cupboards and automated stores.

Find free space
Automatically find free space for your samples so you don’t have to go hunting for it.

Bulk import/update of samples
Powerful file importing of large datasets including full validation to ensure accurate information.

Comprehensive audit trail
Automatically track every sample preparation step via a 21 CFR Part 11 compliant audit; including who, what and when.

Search and report on samples
Flexible query builder lets you choose parameters to create your own searches.

Integrated label printing
Define the information to be shown on labels. Print directly from Mosaic with a couple of clicks.

Assign and manage barcodes
Mosaic FreezerManagement maintains barcode sequences for you and guarantees uniqueness.

Interface with automated stores
Automatically monitor and record sample movements into and out of the store. Initiate picking from within FreezerManagement.

Since 1999, Titian have been exposed to every sample management challenge faced by pharma and biotech and, working together, have provided trusted solutions that integrate widely with other equipment and software vendors

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