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Avoid process variations and errors arising from manually entering weights by using Mosaic's Weighing application.

It calculates dispense amounts and gives guidance on acceptable ranges, while providing consistent ways of dealing with potential problems such as how to process a gum or replace a cracked tube.

The Weighing application connects to your analytical balance to record exact dispense amounts and automatically update Mosaic's inventory.

The Mosaic Weighing application is compatible with a wide range of Mettler-Toledo and Sartorius balances.

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Automatic data entry:
Operators don’t need to manually enter weighing information, saving time and eliminating data transfer errors.

Search and Report

Process consistency: 
Variations are avoided by providing operator instructions on the weigh and dispense to be performed.

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Clear guidance:
Operators are shown how much to dispense, and can see at a glance when the correct amount has been dispensed.

Audit Trail

Audit trail:
Every vial has a complete audit trail of dispenses.

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