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Mosaic’s Tube Sorter module, in combination with automated tube handlers, automatically manages and sorts samples stored in 2D barcoded tubes and racks, thus freeing up staff for other tasks. It is especially useful where no automated store is available for arraying and tracking your valuable sample collections.

Integrating Mosaic with your tube sorters means:

  • Tracked consolidation of tubes to racks
  • Efficient picking for your tubes
  • Automatic updating of your Mosaic inventory in real time

The module provides a seamless automated link between tube handlers, such as the BioMicroLab XL series from SPT Labtech, and Mosaic’s sample tracking, order processing and audit trail, managed from one interface.

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Audit Trail

A full audit trail is logged for every sample movement

Inventory amounts are automatically tracked

Inventory amounts are automatically tracked and updated for you

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Minimise errors and streamline error handling

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