Liquid Handling Automation
Mosaic Module Library

module Liquid Handling Automation

  • Create automated runs without writing complex protocols
  • Automatically capture volume transfer information to maintain a highly accurate inventory
  • Action more than one order at a time
  • Improve error handling and recovery

Off-the-shelf driven integrations are available for many liquid handling workstations, including those from: Beckman Coulter, HighRes Biosolutions, Hamilton, Tecan.

Off-the-shelf bespoke translators are available for standalone Echo and Mosquito.

Off-the-shelf file transfer integrations are available for all liquid handlers.

Download the VSLH Application Note

Download the TFM Application Note  

Download the CFM Application Note  

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Efficient processing 
Provide on time delivery of requested samples, in the order and format that the scientists are looking for.

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Minimise errors 
Operators don't need to manage data files or perform data transfers, avoiding a common source of errors.

Sample Ordering

Automatic inventory updates 
Order samples knowing that the inventory amounts are automatically tracked and updated for you.

Liquid Handling

Improved data accuracy
Mosaic automatically calculates volume transfers, such as logarithmic dilution factors, reducing mistakes.

VSLH Video Without Mention of Fluent Driver


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