Sample Despatch Note
Mosaic Module Library

module Despatching

FreezerManagement SampleBank

Review and check deliverables before they are sent out using Mosaic Despatching.

A sample despatch note is automatically emailed to your recipient to inform them that the consignment is ready. This also includes a plate map/tube contents to help with analysis for when analysis tools do not use the Mosaic APIs.

The module records details of the operator and time the consignment was completed in the audit trail, then locks that labware inventory data from further edits or order requests.



Audit Trail

Full order details
Mosaic generates documents containing details of the order and sample shipment.

Search and Report

Review consignments
Recipients can review sample consignment prior to pick up.

Error Free

Reduce errors
Plate map attachment and Mosaic APIs help ensure error free data downstream.

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If you would like to learn more about our despatch module for Mosaic and how it works or if you would like more information about Mosaic FreezerManagement or SampleBank, please get in touch. 

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