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Seamlessly link your automated stores to your sample tracking, order processing and audit trail to give you a complete history of each sample in one interface. Mosaic's Automated Store application creates pick jobs and updates inventory in real time.

Using the Automated Store module, you can:

  • Retrieve samples in just a few clicks
  • Resolve errors with minimal user input
  • Recover quickly from issues like misread barcodes, failed picks, or missing labware

The module integrates with a wide variety of automated stores, including those from Brooks Life Sciences, Hamilton and SPT Labtech

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Auto Stores

One interface 
Manage and order from a wide range of automated stores using just one interface.

Sample Ordering

Automatic inventory updates 
Order samples knowing that the inventory amounts are automatically tracked and updated for you.

Warning Icon

Error handling
Clear guidance to enable minimal amount of user input to diagnose and resolve issues.

Freezer Thaw

Freeze Thaw
Freeze Thaw Cycles Automatically tracked in audit trail.

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