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Titian Mosaic software integrates with HighRes Biosolutions

How Using Mosaic Software Optimises Your HighRes System

Titian and HighRes have collaborated to provide the life sciences user with a high quality, simple and effective solution to manage and track all your research samples, processes and procedures. Titian’s Mosaic software and HighRes’ automation platforms combine to provide a truly seamless process in automated sample management order fulfilment.

Titian Mosaic sample management software combined with HighRes automation platforms provide complementary functionalities for enabling your research capabilities. Together, the combination is truly synergistic with each focusing on its own strengths to work interdependently with the other.

HighRes Automation-


Extremely detailed inventor recording, with advanced inventory concepts, for complete knowledge of sample whereabouts and a full audit trail
Enormous capability and maximum flexibility which is easily configured to make it the best fit for your procedures and workflows
Operator guidance which focuses on providing essential process parameters
Efficient parameter processing which automatically transfers process results data to Mosaic
No need for the operator to be concerned with automation control logic
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Learn more about the integration specs by downloading the application notes.

Simple Integration Using Mosaic FreezerManagement With HighRes Prime Automated Liquid Handlers

Mosaic FreezerManagement offers a simple integration with HighRes liquid handlers via the import of results files containing sample transfer information obtained from the liquid handler.

Mosaic records the transfers from the source to the destination labware, including volume decrements, and creates the output labware automatically if it doesn’t already exist.

HighRes Prime

Operations are supported between plates and/or racks of tubes, including:

Replication - The transfer liquids from one plate or tube rack into another other plate or tube rack where the sample arrangement is identical in the source and destination
Cherry Picking - selection and transfer of liquids, one by one, from a source tube/well to a destination tube/well
Titian Mosaic

Titian Mosaic

Mosaic Sample Management is Titian Software’s comprehensive, configurable and modular software product to control and monitor all aspects of sample storage, preparation and delivery. From small biotech to global pharma, Mosaic helps to provide an error-free sample supply chain and audit trail.

Mosaic software is available as a tailored solution for all of your sample management requirements, or as optimised packages pre-configured for rapid deployment.

Mosaic’s modular approach makes it easy to start small and upgrade or extend the software’s functionality whenever needed. It also integrates with a huge variety of other automation and software to support your choice of workflow.

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HighRes Biosolutions

HighRes Biosolutions

HighRes Biosolutions’ automated laboratory equipment and systems have been effectively applied for a diverse range of research applications. At the heart of every HighRes system is their highly flexible scheduling software known as Cellario. 

This minimises manual process steps and errors by interfacing tightly with Mosaic inventory management software.

This integration allows users to design and order assay plates in Titian’s Mosaic software and then accept and run the fully automated screening process on a HighRes system; thus freeing scientists from tedious manual tasks to focus on research.

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