We integrate with:

Ensuring audited sample tracking operations with interfaces to remove errors and improve efficiencies
Automated Stores

Manual Stores
  • Kardex Shuttle

Biological Registration
  • Dassault Systemes BIOVIA™ Registration
  • Dotmatics BioRegister
  • Genedata Biologics
  • Watson LIMS

Screening Data Analysis
  • Dotmatics Ultra Screening
  • Genedata Screener
  • IDBS ActivityBase
  • PerkinElmer Signals Screening

Small Molecule Registration

Other Software
  • Certara D360
  • ChemAxon Compliance Checker
  • Dassault Systemes BIOVIA™ Workbook
  • Dotmatics Browser

Dry Powder Handling
  • Mettler-Toledo balances
  • Mettler-Toledo FlexiWeigh
  • Sartorius balances

Liquid Handling

Tube Sorting

  • Agilent VCode labeller
  • Agilent BenchCel labeller
  • Any “keyboard wedge” 2D barcode reader
  • Any label printer via BarTender labelling
  • BioMicroLab VolumeCheck™
  • Brooks Tube Auditor
  • CyBio CyBi-Print labeller
  • LogistiVIEW Digital Workforce Platform