Compound Management

The world’s leading compound
management software.

For managing compounds efficiently and confidently, Mosaic compound management software provides a wealth of functionality and compound management services.

Whether you are looking to manage lead optimisation programmes or large compound libraries, Mosaic can streamline your compound workflows and maximise data integrity, to enhance lab productivity.

With modules for sample ordering, compound inventory management and processing, Mosaic can manage the full compound life cycle – from sample receipt, reformatting and storage, through to dissolution, compound ‘cherry-picking’, and plate production for assays.

As a scalable platform, Mosaic is suited to the management of all compound libraries whether they be smaller, manually-accessed collections of neat compounds or global neat and solution inventories in fully-automated facilities.

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Simple Order

Mosaic. The go-to option for compound management

Comprehensive Compound Inventory Management

Mosaic manages many levels of inventory data including where samples are located, container information and substance meta-data. Mosaic provides a thorough audit trail, updated with each sample change, so you always know exactly what you have and where it is.

Mosaic integrates with many third party informatics systems to become an automated compound management system, substance information, and created plate content. In addition Mosaic integrates with IT infrastructure for authentication and email notifications.
Remote Ordering

Powerful request interfaces guarantee a seamless compound supply chain. Users can specify the ordering, processing and distribution of neat compounds and solutions, with the option to split fulfilment across multiple sites.
Flexible Integration

Easy integration with automated compound storage systems, and compound handling instruments enables Mosaic to orchestrate complete compound management workflows cost-effectively.

An Example Compound Management Workflow