Mosaic, our leading sample management software, can transform the way you manage your biological samples. Streamlining entire workflows for handling, processing and distribution, Mosaic enables efficient and precise management of your biological collections, large or small.

With a wealth of proven functionality, including powerful ordering interfaces and comprehensive inventory tracking, Mosaic offers total confidence in sample handling, with functions specifically developed for the management of biologicals.

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An Example Biologicals Management Workflow


Mosaic. The go-to option for biologicals management

Detailed inventory

Mosaic manages many levels of inventory data including where samples are located, container information and substance meta-data. For every biological sample type, different substance meta-data can be recorded in addition to the container information, for example quantities, or quality data.

Supports numerous container types

vials, microtubes, microtitre plates and tissue microarrays.

Full audit trail and genealogy

for complete assurance in the location and format of your biologicals, all changes to the container and sample properties are retained in the audit trail as they occur. This includes tracking of manually-accessed stores and manual operations such as hand pipetting.

Easy integration

Mosaic integrates with automated storage systems and instrumentation for precise workflow execution. Mosaic also integrates with existing IT infrastructure, including the Oracle database, supporting collections from 20,000 to 100 million samples.

Purpose-built, easy-to-use software

organisational features, such as restricted sample access, ensures the use of precious samples is carefully regulated, and Mosaic has been carefully designed to enhance user-compliance and future-proof against legislation requirements.

Maintaining sample viability is critical for biological collections. Mosaic’s flexibility can meet the demands of a diverse range of biological sample types:

– DNA (including cDNA, oligonucleotides, plasmids)
– Antibodies and antibody-drug conjugates
– Cell lines (bacterial and mammalian)
– Biobank samples
– Clinical trial samples and reagents

To-date Mosaic has been successfully deployed in discovery, non-clinical and clinical settings, where sample use must be meticulously audited in accordance with the local regulations.