Contract Research Organisations (CROs) worldwide use Mosaic sample management software to provide an assured quality service to their customers.

As they are often managing precious samples, Mosaic ensures that the samples are only used for their intended purpose. Accurate record-keeping of sample usage and distribution is essential.

Mosaic for CROs

Mosaic’s reliability supports the critical business operations:

  • Mosaic’s comprehensive Inventory module can maintain multiple sample identifiers (e.g. for the CRO and their customers) and additional substance meta-data
  • Mosaic’s core Workflow Manager programme manages preparation workflows from dry substance to assay ready plate, where screening services are provided
  • A detailed audit trail of the steps performed in sample preparation, provides complete assurance in sample format and location
  • Mosaic can be linked to the CROs own eCommerce website, ensuring that orders for samples and services are rapidly responded to
  • Mosaic Manual Stores, Automated Stores and PDA-based Stores Picking and Placing, provide storage and retrieval options according to the scale of operations
  • Mosaic Weighing and Liquid Handling Modules are integrated into the sample preparation workflows, with clear instructions given to operators for maximum efficiency and reduced error incidents
  • Connectivity modules, including integration with HTS Analysis Systems, allow convenient data sharing (for example with assay results analysis systems)
  • Ideal for use in regulated situations

Importantly, Mosaic can be configured to record the requesting of samples for each of the customer’s clients, and can assist in the adherence to their commercial contracts where the usage of sample may be subject to restrictions and exclusivity agreements.

Flexible Scalability

Mosaic is highly configurable and flexible. Titian works with each of its customers to configure a Mosaic system that supports its sample management workflows and business operational rules.

If you have specific site or application requirements please contact us and our team of Application Consultants will be able to advise on the best setup for you.

Integrate with your Laboratory

Mosaic allows you to get the most efficient use from your capital equipment with the monitoring and management integrations of liquid handlers, automated stores and manual equipment including weigh stations and hand pipettes.

Check which instruments we can integrate with Mosaic here.