Developed from extensive knowledge of biobanking requirements, Mosaic FreezerManagement is a software package for small to medium-sized sample collections, designed to manage the storage and distribution of sample aliquots to a number of recipients in their required formats.
  • Cost-effective
  • Rapidly deployable
  • Extendible capacity and capabilities to respond to future demands
Package features:

5 x self-service user licences

Records substance and sample data
Sample properties for several sample types e.g. tissue, cells, antibodies, can be recorded in the same system

Easy to configure inventory
Your inventory of freezers, shelves, drawers and racks is presented logically and precisely

Simple loading of samples
Bulk loading using data files and individual samples via the web browser user interface

Self-service, pick lists supported
Search and pick your own samples. A map of where to find your samples can be printed out and barcodes can be used for verification

Comprehensive audit trail
All operations that are performed on a sample are automatically recorded in full

Web-based access
Very easy to deploy, with all operations carried out via Mosaic web pages. Multi-criteria searches can be carried out easily and saved for future use

Optional Enhancements:
  • Ordering and Sample Processing modules for centralised operations and fulfillment
  • Tube 2D barcode scanning, ideal for tube cherry-picking
  • Hand-held PDA for sample picking, when your freezers are spread around
  • Automated storage, for high throughput operations and unattended picking
  • Liquid handling for sample aliquoting, responding to sample orders

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