Mastering sample management

Mosaic is Titian’s comprehensive software platform, purpose-built for the management of samples, including:

  • Compounds
  • Biologicals
  • Reagents

Designed to provide rest-assured sample inventory, tracking and an error-free supply chain, Mosaic can streamline your sample management workflows for maximum efficiency and in-house productivity.

Flexible scalability for your requirements

Mosaic is a modular product that enables you to cost-effectively manage your samples, from small collections through to large global inventories and workflows.


How can Mosaic help?

  • Simplified operations within the lab, freeing expert staff from repetitive machine setup tasks
  • Fewer human errors in sample preparation and associated data handling
  • Thorough audit trails
  • Improved sample conservation
  • Scalability to meet your size and application-specific requirements
  • Management of diverse sample types from small molecule compounds to tissue collections

Discover Mosaic’s comprehensive functionality, with modules for:

Sample Processing
Laboratory Automation Integration
Tracked Shipping
Assay Requesting

Mosaic Software - Sample Receipt

The need for efficient sample management

Libraries and sample collections are ever-growing, and throughputs are increasing. Sample preparation processes are in a constant state of flux, and your samples are precious.

It is not acceptable for research to be delayed by logistical problems. Mosaic is currently the established solution for the management of millions of samples worldwide, guaranteeing a rest-assured approach to sample management.