As well as closely tracking vials, tubes, plates and their content, Mosaic understands advanced inventory concepts including compound libraries, plate generations and sample containment (for example plates in boxes, on trolleys).

This ensures Mosaic software can offer extremely detailed lab sample inventory recording, for complete knowledge of sample whereabouts.

  • Barcoded and non-barcoded items – can be fully tracked
  • Sample metadata  Mosaic allows diverse sample types to be defined and recorded, including small molecules, DNA-based and blood-derived samples
  • Comprehensive audit trail – all operations that are performed on a sample are automatically recorded in full
  • Real-time interaction – workstations feed data into the inventory database in real-time, to ensure an accurate picture of all the current inventory and work in-progress
  • Sample searching – easy searching and requesting via sample identitifier
Inventory Tracking User Interfaces

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