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module Workflow


Mosaic manages the entire sample processing workflow, orchestrating the automated and manual steps required to fulfil an order. It answers the all-important question: “What should I do with this sample now?”

Mosaic workflows are flexible, so operators can complete tasks in the most efficient way. For example, the operator can choose to use a manual pipette for a single tube solubilisation, instead of setting up an automation platform to carry this out.

Manage overlapping orders
Mosiac efficiently handles multiple requests for the same inventory item.

Audit Trail

Monitor each step 
The success and failure of each process step is tracked and updated in the order status.

Liquid Handling
Improved accuracy
Mosaic automatically calculates volume transfers, such as logarithmic dilution factors, reducing mistakes.
Work Cell Platform

Workstation help
Operator guidance is focussed on only the actions and priorities for that particular workstation.

Workflow Management

Workflow overview
Know exactly where each item is in a workflow and what actions and equipment are needed next.

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