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module Shipping


Prepare and manage sample transport off-site using Mosaic Shipping. You can generate and email supporting documentation, as well as logging courier details. 

You can create packages with items from multiple orders, for delivery to the same site. Packages can match the physical container sizes and quantity. 

As an optional extra, Mosaic generates documents containing consignment details, which, together with other standard documentation (e.g. hazard declarations), can be printed for the shipping department and emailed to the recipient site.

Another optional extra is useful if the receiving site also uses Mosaic: the shipment's pending arrival can be shown and, when received, the contents can be unpacked and automatically received into inventory.

Barcode assignment and management

Barcoded tracking:
Each package is barcoded so orders can be identified when batched into a shipment.

tracked shipping

Journey tracking:
Mosaic tracks the shipment until it leaves the site. Courier details can be included.

Search and Report

Review shipments:
Recipients can review sample shipments prior to their arrival.

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If you would like to learn more about our shipping module for Mosaic and how it works or if you would like more information about Mosaic FreezerManagement or SampleBank, please get in touch. 

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