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Mosaic Ordering allows you to remotely request samples in the format you want them. Ordering caters for everything from the distribution of pre-aliquoted samples to the generation of complex dose-response deliverables with controls and standards. 

Your sample order is verified against availability in real time and the amounts you require are reserved. SampleBank Operators know these checks have been made so they can process your order, and you know that your order is guaranteed.

You can prioritise sample selection according to rules you set, such as 'oldest batch first', or 'take from room temperature storage'. If order samples are restricted, Mosaic ordering automatically triggers and manages the approval process.

Audit Trail
Verified order requests
Order verification flags potential problems so corrections can be made before samples are processed.
Multiple Sites

Multiple site processing
Mosaic chooses the most appropriate SampleBank for your samples to be processed

Workflow Management
Keep users up to date
Order progress is tracked and users given feedback on any items that could not be processed.
Registration & data analysis
Mosaic can integrate closely with these systems to provide seamless workflow management.
Remote Access
Global user access
Mosaic's web-based ordering system can be accessed by users worldwide.
Time Icon
Speed up common processes
Set up a template for frequent inventory operations just once, and then run these in just a few mouse clicks. 
Restrict access to samples
This is especially useful to manage specific projects within biological collections.

External integrations
Mosaic's Ordering API allows external systems to make use of Mosaic's powerful ordering.

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