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Mosaic Content Auditor makes it easy for you to audit samples across your inventory by integrating with devices that check volumes, amounts, DMSO content and precipitates. 

Many companies regularly check stock because it is such a vital asset to the company's research.

There are many reasons for discrepancies, such as sample loss during the weighing process, excess liquid on the outside of pipette tips, or the evaporation of samples.

The Content Auditor module can integrate with different equipment to update the inventory. This includes a variety of volume checkers or tube auditors, where the solubility state and/or volumes of solution tubes are checked.

Data Integrity

Data integrity:
Auditing samples using a variety of methods ensures accuracy, improving the integrity of your data.

Efficient workflows

Efficient workflows: 
Mosaic makes use of your existing processes to provide audit checks.

Audit Trail

Improved compliance: 
Regular audits are part of GLP and many regulatory systems.

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