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FreezerManagement SampleBank

Work hands-free while essential sample management information is delivered straight to your eyes using Mosaic AR via Augmented Reality glasses and Wi-Fi.

You can improve compliance by tracking all actions and no time is wasted wondering what to do next.

By using the AR glasses integrated with Mosaic:

  • Sample picks are confirmed in real-time
  • Users are guided through next steps
  • Hands are free to perform tasks
  • Current workflow status is constantly updated

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Efficient workflows:
Hands are free to perform tasks and no time is wasted wondering which task is next.


Data quality: 
Minimising manual errors improves the quality of your data.


Regulatory compliance: 
Capture fully tracked processes automatically in Mosaic’s audit trail.

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Improve lab safety:
Clear sample safety and hazard information delivered when you need it.

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