Mosaic Module Library

module Assay Requesting

Available as an extension of Mosaic SampleBank

Mosaic's Assay Requesting is ideal for efficiently sending small numbers of substances to multiple assays, for example during lead optimisation.

It enables easy selection, aggregation and prioritisation of assay requests from multiple scientists and provides a summary view of the queue of substances for each assay. 

As a result:

  • Frequently performed assays can be managed centrally
  • Requests for the same assay can be pooled together
  • Pooling means that assay platforms process complete plates, when possible
  • Samples, assay reagents and labware are used efficiently, reducing waste

Read our blog to learn how efficient assay requesting improves lead optimization


Verified requirements:
The availability of stock and feasibility to precisely prepare assay plates are defined and checked.

Audit Trail
Duplicate checking:
See if and when the same substance and assay combination was last requested, minimising duplication of effort.
Rack Scanner

Assay batching:
Requests can be held back until sufficient similar orders are received to make best use of the assay resources.


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