Titian Mosaic software integrates with Beckman Coulter Life Sciences Biomek Liquid Handlers

Controlling a liquid handler with variable span liquid handling channels

Mosaic SampleBank™

Titian Mosaic software

What you need to know:

Mosaic Sample Management software provides workflow management and inventory tracking to enable a seamless, error-free, sample supply chain and comprehensive audit trail. It integrates with a huge variety of other automation and software to bring these into your laboratory workflow and provide a 21 CFR Part 11 compliant audit trail for the entire sample life cycle.

Mosaic’s modular approach makes it easy to start small and upgrade or extend the software’s functionality whenever needed. Titian is the industry leader in providing sample management software for the life sciences.

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Beckman Coulter Life Sciences liquid handlers

What you need to know:

Beckman Coulter Life Sciences are experts in fluidtransferology, they offer a broad range of flexible, scalable liquid handling solutions for genomic, cellular, protein and other workflows—for research areas such as drug discovery, biopharma, agriculture, synthetic biology, forensics and more.

They also offer a library of demonstrated next-generation sequencing and nucleic acid sample prep methods automated across our portfolio.

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Integrating Beckman Coulter Life Sciences Biomek Liquid Handlers and Mosaic software

The Mosaic VSLH application is for controlling a liquid handler with variable span liquid handling channels such as the range of Biomek systems from Beckman Coulter Life Sciences.

Supported liquid handling operations are:

  • Cherry Picking
  • Dilution
  • Solubilisation
  • Serialisation
  • Adding various reagents (for example, standards and controls, DMSO)

Key benefits of the integration

  • Operators are guided through fulfilling sample requests and creating automated runs
  • Users are guided through setting up a run on the Biomek liquid handler, based on the parameters of the Mosaic order, to specify
    • Workflow segment (for example cherry picking or serialise)
    • Labware and tip placement and tracking
    • Reagent sources
    • Standard and control positions and required volumes
  • The VSLH application validates the run and writes the Biomek control scripts based on the requestor’s requirements
  • The VSLH application performs inventory and workflow updates in real-time
  • Error handling
    • Operators can intervene to handle machine failures, and the inventory is only updated when transfers are completed
    • The VSLH application maintains details of work in progress during a liquid handling run. If the run is interrupted by power failure or a tip crash, for instance, the operator is asked to confirm any suspect transfers at the time of the interruption and can resume. A new script will be written to complete the work

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