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Titian Mosaic software integrates with Beckman Coulter Life Sciences Access

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Combining Your Beckman Coulter Life Sciences Access Integration with the Power of Mosaic

When the Echo (or the Access or Pod workcell) has its software directly integrated with Mosaic, managing and tracking large, complex and high throughput sample orders is easy. It also makes smaller or more varied workflows simple.

Sample management groups can fulfil workflow steps best-suited to the acoustic platform in a user-friendly and intuitive manner. The work is presented to you in Mosaic and needs only a handful of operator steps.

This is followed by Mosaic’s completely automated results processing to complete the sample management workflow, accurately update your inventory and maintain traceability in a comprehensive audit trail.



The key benefits to this integration are:

Dynamic creation of Tempo and Echo files based on the Mosaic workflow, resulting in fewer mouse clicks to start a run
Users select source plates or tubes in one simple step, as Mosaic knows what resources are available on the Access workcell
Results are processed automatically, which means no manual file editing or copying steps
Multiple similar orders can be bundled into the same run
The Echo Dose-Response protocol is guaranteed to match the Mosaic Order to avoid the possibility of human error
The exact volume transfers reported by the Echo are captured in the Mosaic inventory and in the audit trail
The creation of intermediate plates in EDR protocols is minimised. Mosaic allows transfers from source plates where the same sources are present at multiple concentrations. This conserves samples, reduces fulfilment times and increases the accuracy of concentration curves.
Mosaic also supports the following Beckman Coulter Life Sciences software applications: Echo Cherry Pick (ECP), Echo Reformat (EPR), Echo DoseResponse (EDR), Echo Plate Audit (EPA), and Echo Combination Screen (ECS)
All intermediate plates used by the Echo are tracked in Mosaic inventory and the audit trail
Survey volumes of source plate wells are used to update the Mosaic inventory
Any Echo transfer failures are tracked and visibly Email reports are generated of any transfer errors during the automatic results file import
Transfers of controls and standards, if present, are reported and used to update the Mosaic inventory
To identify your plates, Mosaic can drive the plate labeller within the Access workcell
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Learn more about the integration specs by downloading the application notes.

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Titian Mosaic

Titian Mosaic

Mosaic Sample Management software provides workflow management and inventory tracking to enable a seamless, error-free, sample supply chain and comprehensive audit trail.

It integrates with a huge variety of other automation and software to bring these into your laboratory workflow and provide a 21 CFR Part 11 compliant audit trail for the entire sample life cycle.

Mosaic’s modular approach makes it easy to start small and upgrade or extend the software’s functionality whenever needed.

Titian is the industry leader in providing sample management software for the life sciences.

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Beckman Coulter Life Sciences

Beckman Coulter Life Sciences Echo liquid handler

The Beckman Coulter Life Sciences Echo provides non-contact, high-precision, high-speed liquid transfers by using acoustic energy. Sound waves eject precisely-sized droplets from the source plate onto the destination plate suspended above.

By integrating the Echo liquid handler directly with Mosaic software you connect it with your inventory management for the entire sample life cycle. You also gain a user-friendly and intuitive interface that allows sample management groups to easily fulfil tasks best-suited to the acoustic platform.

Workflows are managed from the Mosaic software and only require a handful of operator steps to be carried out on your Beckman Coulter Life Sciences automation system. Mosaic’s completely automated results processing completes the sample management workflow, accurately updates your inventory and maintains traceability in a comprehensive audit trail.

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