Pharma and BioPharma

Mastering sample management in Pharma and BioPharma

Mosaic for Pharma & BioPharma

Applications in Pharma and BioPharma demand that large collections are managed across many sites, and the high-throughput of sample handling is often done with automated storage and sample preparation robotics.

A sample management setup must be able to cope with high sample throughput, multiple users and access-points, a diverse range of sample types, and offer comprehensive inventory, sample and process tracking.

Mosaic is used extensively in the Pharma and BioPharma sector to manage the preparation, storage and distribution of compounds, biologicals and reagents, from small molecules through to DNA and cell lines.

Features and Benefits

Mosaic Manual Stores, Automated Stores and PDA-based Stores Picking and Placing, provide options for storage and picking according to the scale of operations
Connectivity modules allow seamless inter-linking with existing IT infrastructure including sample registration systems and assay results analysis systems for easy data exchange
All scales of operations supported, from single labs to enterprise-wide, multi-site setups
Mosaic Ordering ensures a seamless sample request and supply chain, even across multiple sites
Mosaic’s Liquid Handling modules optimize the preparation and formatting of solution-based samples
Neat sample handling is fully supported with Mosaic Weighing and Receipt
Detailed audit trails are maintained, tracking all sample preparation steps
Ideal for use in regulated environments
" Titian Mosaic manages our high throughput screening library which is run at 860,000 compounds and we use it to interface with a range of instrumentation from the Labcyte Echo platform, we have some mosquito instruments and also some BioCels, Platemates and CyBios. A whole range of liquid handling platforms completely for managing our high throughput screening deck. "

David Cronk, Charles River Laboratories

Flexible Scalability

Mosaic is highly configurable and flexible. Titian works with each of its customers to configure a Mosaic system that supports its sample management workflows and business operational rules.

If you have specific site or application requirements please contact us and our team of Application Consultants will be able to advise on the best setup for you.

Integrate with your Laboratory

Mosaic allows you to get the most efficient use from your capital equipment with the monitoring and management integrations of liquid handlers, automated stores and manual equipment including weigh stations and hand pipettes.

Check which instruments we can integrate with Mosaic here.