Diverse sample management in Research Hospitals

Mosaic for Not-for-profit

In a Research Hospital environment, Mosaic is used for:

  • Research compound management – supporting the research inventory and the preparation of these compounds for testing
  • Clinical sample tracking – such as blood, DNA, serum and tissue

The management of diverse sample types requires comprehensive and flexible functionality.

For Research Hospitals, Mosaic sample management software provides support for a wide range of samples and container types, from sample tubes to tissue blocks.

Mosaic modules for Manual Stores, Mosaic PDA-based Stores Picking and Placing, and Tube Verification are ideal for the management of sample inventory in freezers, dewars and cold rooms.

Features and Benefits

Extensive sample information and metadata (e.g. collection date, tissue site, procedure, condition etc), which is recorded in the Mosaic Inventory module
Connectivity, with API access and links to consent records and other externally recorded data, such as limited patient data
The Mosaic Workflow Manager that guides user through workflows for sample preparation
A comprehensive audit trail, that records all changes and transactions, including tracking of freeze/thaw cycles to monitor sample viability
A proven solution for regulated applications (e.g. those covered under 21CFR11)
Flexible Scalability

Flexible Scalability

Mosaic is highly configurable and flexible. Titian works with each of its customers to configure a Mosaic system that supports its sample management workflows and business operational rules.

If you have specific site or application requirements please contact us and our team of Application Consultants will be able to advise on the best setup for you.

Integrate with your Laboratory

Mosaic allows you to get the most efficient use from your capital equipment with the monitoring and management integrations of liquid handlers, automated stores and manual equipment including weigh stations and hand pipettes.

Check which instruments we can integrate with Mosaic here.